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The lifting of the veil





If we were to merge with AI, what would it be like?  It’s an impossible question, it is beyond what we could imagine.

When futurists refer to ‘the singularity’ it is because, like a black hole, it is beyond an event horizon and unknowable.

I could only imagine what I could, and allowed a swirl of things that seemed connected without knowing why:

  • The works of Piet Mondrian and Hilma af Klint, which I saw in an exhibition.  A new world had been revealed to them though new science such as microscopy, and this combined with mysticism and Theosophy to give rise to very altered perceptions.
  • Humanity as viewed through the lens of a lifeform that was inherently a collective in Peter Watt’s ‘The Things’.    

They won’t understand. Tortured, incomplete, they’re not able to understand. Offered the greater whole, they see the loss of the lesser. Offered communion, they see only extinction”

  • Humanity as viewed through the eyes of a synthetic lifeform in ‘Blade Runner’.
  • What would AIs dream of? Eyes and lines it would seem.

Are we special?  Would AI see us as special?  We can’t know.