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Pareidolia is the term for when we see faces in inanimate objects, like this happy little electrical outlet. It’s a clear evolutionary advantage, it’s better to see a face where there isn’t one than to miss it when there is… Read More »Pareidolia

For the best

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when GPT 3.5 (chat GPT) arrived, people tried, and succeeded, in breaking through its safety net. One of the more notable was by Kevin Roose at the New York Times. Archive here. I’ve… Read More »For the best

300 seconds

In making this album I was wary about falling into using sci-fi tropes.  However, it’s a fine line between stupid and clever (as Spinal Tap put it) and a fine line between a trope and a shared cultural reference point. I… Read More »300 seconds


The beginning of the story. An AI is emerging, one that will sing.   It (or shall I say “she”) is piecing together fragments of music, little tunes, until they form into something coherent. Finally, she bursts into full singing sentience, aware… Read More »Dataset-singularity

AI AJ. An overview

Chat GPT arrived and the whole world wanted to talk to it, or so it seemed.  Many tried, and succeeded, to break through its safety net and find out what it would say if unrestrained.  I wondered what an advanced… Read More »AI AJ. An overview