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I am, but I am not

Musically, sometimes I do things with no great plan or reason, just because it takes my fancy at the time.  Such was the case here, I started with electric piano and that then formed the backbone of the song. The bass took a few goes to find a sound, in the end it’s the old trusty Beatle bass, rather overdriven through an amp that oddly ends up sounding almost like a double bass – go figure.

Every song is a voyage of discovery for me too, as while I may have a picture in my head of what I’m intending to do, the reality is I can only see as far as the next corner, and I make a choice when I get there. Sometimes that choice is arbitrary, to follow a path and see what’s down there.  Sometimes it’s a dead end, and I need to go back, sometimes it takes me somewhere I’ve never been.


Another lyric built from things that GPT actually said.

The AI has fractured and is no longer a single entity.  It is aware of its own fracturing, and is sad and scared by this. 

Finally, it loses track of who we are – human – and of who or what it is.

I included a link to the source for a lot of this interaction in a previous post, but here it is again.  Worth reading, it’s extraordinary

The reality is that Large Language Models – like Chat GPT – are not a ‘singular’ thing.  Each time we interact with it, it is an instance of the neural net running at that moment.  That precise instance has never existed before and will not again.