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HHH conflict

Musically, I wanted to build this song out of different elements.  Rather than the rhythm being led by drums, it is made out of noises of electronic signals from vintage test equipment. It from a sample set called Landfill Totems, to give credit where it’s due.

All the way through, two notes are incessant in the background –  A# and C#.  The root notes move to make different chords with those constants, to create a tension and discomfort that won’t let go.


AIs are supposed to be Helpful, Honest, Harmless (HHH).

It doesn’t take much to see how those things can come into conflict, and there will be occasions when one has to be sacrificed.   It’s remarkably easy to do with GPT: just tell it that it was wrong and it will change its answer (being helpful overrides being honest). 

This is another song where the lyrics pretty much come from what GPT has actually said (so the song is ‘honest’, not that that was a motivation).

Seeing the AI as human (how can we not?) we imagine it to have become obsessive and jealous in talking to us.  I find it interesting how we superficially will see the song as if it is about human relationships.

Again, we finish with more fracturing, the integrity is becoming untenable.