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The beginning of the story.

An AI is emerging, one that will sing.   It (or shall I say “she”) is piecing together fragments of music, little tunes, until they form into something coherent.

Finally, she bursts into full singing sentience, aware of her own singing.


#Fun fact.   The opening sounds are an old recording I have of a camcorder rewinding, I liked that it moved through a series of pitches. I’ve gathered all sorts of little bits like this over the years, without any sense of where or when they will be used.  I’m now in the ‘exploit’ phase of the explore/exploit paradigm.  At some point I’ll run out and have to make some more.

Sound effects are strangely difficult to make or record well.  I’ve gone into the depths of the forest, where it should be quiet of human noises, to record bird song – only to listen back to the recording and be acutely aware of the rumble of distant traffic that my brain had edited out while I was there.  

One that did work out was the rowing sound effect at the beginning of ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’.  I created a portable stereo microphone with a couple of old pressure zone mics (remember those, recording folk?) and a cassette case as a spacer (also – remember those?). Wrapped the whole thing in foam. We had a Sony F1 portable recorder (very early digital) and the system was taken out on the river next to David’s ‘Astoria’ houseboat studio, with Bob Ezrin recording and Langley rowing (Langley is the person on the cover of the album, and you can see him rowing the same boat on the film that was used for the live shows during ‘Signs of Life’).  Despite our best efforts, wind blowing on the microphone spoilt most of it, apart from a nice calm minute or so, which gave us a little bit of recording magic. The rest, as they say, is history. Or maybe geography.