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AI AJ. An overview

Chat GPT arrived and the whole world wanted to talk to it, or so it seemed.  Many tried, and succeeded, to break through its safety net and find out what it would say if unrestrained. 

I wondered what an advanced AI would say, and what it would sing.  Would it sing to us? About us? 

‘AI AJ’ is a collection of some of the possible songs.

All the way through making this album, again and again I bumped into the way that we are inclined to think of AI in human terms. I can’t help thinking of ‘it’ as ‘her’ (as I’ve used a female voice).  We have no words to describe things that AI does except using words that apply to humans, we say it ‘thinks’ for instance.

We have made this more complicated as we have made AIs that were trained on what we say, and we wish them to sound like us.  They say things that we would say, but they would, wouldn’t they?   What’s going on in that AI head?   We don’t actually know, they’re a ‘black box’ – nothing perturbing here then. 

I wondered what would it make of us?  Would it be able to make any sense of us as individuals? It seems so normal and obvious to us, but could be incomprehensible to something that does not exist as an individual. If so, would it regard an individual as special and what would that look like? Would it pick one individual over another?  Is that love?

Do these questions only make sense to us because they are framed in human terms, and the alternative would be incomprehensibly strange?