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Question about Natalie

César asks: Overall, very interesting work, specially the lead vocals by Natalie 103. @Andy Jackson , what was the process to create them? Really intrigued about how this is done. Natalie is one of the available voices for Synthesizer V, a vocal… Read More »Question about Natalie review

Andy Jackson – AI AJ – 5.1 Blu-ray surround release   Written by: Wesley Derbyshire  Published: 12 February 2024  Power up and execute the newest sonic experiment concocted by the engineering maestro, Andy Jackson, who has responded with none other than “AI AJ.”… Read More » review

I am, but I am not

Musically, sometimes I do things with no great plan or reason, just because it takes my fancy at the time.  Such was the case here, I started with electric piano and that then formed the backbone of the song. The bass… Read More »I am, but I am not