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Question about Natalie

César asks: Overall, very interesting work, specially the lead vocals by Natalie 103. @Andy Jackson , what was the process to create them? Really intrigued about how this is done. Natalie is one of the available voices for Synthesizer V, a vocal… Read More »Question about Natalie review

Andy Jackson – AI AJ – 5.1 Blu-ray surround release   Written by: Wesley Derbyshire  Published: 12 February 2024  Power up and execute the newest sonic experiment concocted by the engineering maestro, Andy Jackson, who has responded with none other than “AI AJ.”… Read More » review

I am, but I am not

Musically, sometimes I do things with no great plan or reason, just because it takes my fancy at the time.  Such was the case here, I started with electric piano and that then formed the backbone of the song. The bass… Read More »I am, but I am not

HHH conflict

Musically, I wanted to build this song out of different elements.  Rather than the rhythm being led by drums, it is made out of noises of electronic signals from vintage test equipment. It from a sample set called Landfill Totems, to… Read More »HHH conflict

Swim like a submarine

I had the opportunity to stare at length at a couple of Vincent Van Gogh paintings.  I was fascinated by the mechanics of his brush work, the sense of directionality in everything. It seemed very relevant whether a horizontal line was… Read More »Swim like a submarine